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Angie Gorr provides a fun, fresh approach to total body fitness. Her workout routines  will have your muscles chiseled and your excess fat melting off.

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Certified Fitness Instructor

DVDs for all fitness levels!

Total body, calorie blasting exercise DVDs for all levels of fitness. The workouts consist of Interval and Circuit training utilizing both cardio and weights.

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Are you ready to get fit and toned? Start working out with Angie today! Angie’s DVDs are great for all fitness levels.  The workouts are both fun and challenging. Angie keeps you motivated the entire time!

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Get fitness tips and nutrition advice direct from Angie! By pairing her exercise regimen with a nutritious diet, Angie has maintained a healthy weight and fitness level through several life changes and medical obstacles.

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Carol B.

(Delafield, WI)

“Angie’s exercise video receives 4 stars from me. She cues very well which makes the exercises easy to follow. She explains the exercises clearly and quickly, and offers safety tips and form techniques…” Read more

Melissa B.

(Austin, TX)

“This video is just what I need. It is awesome!!!  Definitely a must for the new moms, and anyone else wanting a great workout!!” Read more

Jennifer S.

(Lavista, NE)

“This exercise video is amazing! The first time I did it, I loved the three different levels that are shown. If I felt like it was too much for me, I took it down a level and visa versa. I love that I can push myself in my own basement and with little equipment.”  Read more