Real Life Fitness is an AMAZING New Gym in Naperville

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RLF recently opened in Naperville IL, and it packed a kick-butt workout into a short amount of time I typically exercise at home with workout DVDs and  don’t get to a physical gym often, but once in a while it is great to get out and try new classes. I am so glad I tried Real Life fitness! The space was intimate, and the music was pumping. The class I took consisted of doing exercises for a set time, and then switching to a different station once your time was up. The workout worked every major muscle group on the entire body, while blasting calories and sculpting at the same time. In-between we performed cardio drills to take it up to yet another level. The workout was challenging enough for the most advanced exerciser, yet accommodating enough for a beginner. I am typically an advanced exerciser, but am recovering from having a baby. With that, there are certain exercises I was unable to perform and I did a modification, while still moving along with the class and pushing myself to my limit. Many times when I talk to clients, they have a fear of group fitness classes or gyms because they feel that people are judging them, or they are insecure and feel they need to be in better shape before going to the gym (similar to the concept of cleaning your house before the cleaning person comes). RLF is a workout for real people of all ages and fitness levels, that is the best thing about it! There were about 30 people in the class: Male and female, big and small, strong and weak. Everyone encouraged each other, and the instructors really motivated you without making you feel like a failure. They ensured that you were challenged, but did not push you beyond the level that you could perform. They were encouraging and motivating without being intimidating. RLF thought of every tiny detail. In addition to towel service, they offered hair ties (I can recall many times where I forgot mine!).  Their statement on their website is ‘Get In, Get Fit, Get Life’. I love this concept because they realize how busy everyone is, and how hard it is to fit in a workout. The workouts are optimized to work the entire body, burn calories and sculpt at the same time. The workouts are different each time. Each class has a different challenge, which is constantly challenging your body so you don’t hit plateaus. They also offer Yoga classes, which I haven’t tried yet. They had every piece of equipment imaginable, including free weights, TRX, medicine balls, jump ropes, steps, weighted bars, and more. The thing I loved most was the variety. They are located by on Ogden Ave. at Columbia, right next to Peets Coffee.. in Naperville at 630 East Ogden Avenue. Visit the site or call to get the...

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Losing weight while breastfeeding- Yes it is possible!

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      I THOUGHT IT WOULD BE EASY TO LOSE WEIGHT WHILE BREASTFEEDING… BUT I WAS WRONG I’m a single full time working mom with a baby and a 4 year old. I wanted more than anything to breastfeed my baby. I had many obstacles stacked against me, but I found resources and people that helped me stick to it. I wanted to quit a few times, but I stuck with it and I know my baby is better off for it. I’ve nursed for 9.5 months, and I have the happiest baby on the planet! I wanted to write this blog to help others in their breastfeeding journey. I always heard that breastfeeding burns a ton of calories, so naturally I should just shed the weight after having the baby with no problem right? WRONG! I am a certified fitness instructor who was in great shape before having my baby. I experienced some major stressful situations during and after the pregnancy and gained 60 lbs. However, being knowledgeable about nutrition and exercise… combined with the fact that breastfeeding burns a ton of calories, I thought it would be easy to drop the weight. What happened? I became a wild beast ready to snatch any food item that crossed my path. I was shoving my face full of food while nursing, and at night…forget about it, the ice cream container didn’t stand a chance. I was eating WAY more than I was burning, and I had trouble finding time to get any workouts in, and when I did I felt like my baby didn’t like the milk after I was done with a workout. I want to share my journey with you, and tell you how I stuck with it (after multiple times of wanting to give up) and let you know about the various resources out there that can help you. The Stress We all know that stress combined with lack of sleep can wreck havoc on our bodies. My personal experience is  that I started to get a divorce 2 days after I found out I was pregnant. I ended up moving into a new house, having the baby and getting the divorce finalized all within a month of each other. I now had a new baby, a 4 year old who just went through a bunch of change, I had no family that lives by me, and I had to get prepared to go back to work as a single mom within 12 weeks. All I wanted was to provide the best for my children and be the best mom I could possibly be. I couldn’t do it alone. That is where I reached out for help, and searched the end of the internet for all possible solutions to help me through my journey. We all have different stories. Some of us work, some don’t...

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10 Step Jump Start Weight Loss

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  30 Day Free Weight Loss Guide Nutritional choices are a KEY part of any weight loss program. Think of Nutrition as the foundation, and my workout DVDs as the sculpting tool. This 10 Step Guide is a quick start to eating right, so that you can really get the most benefit from my workouts. This guide is intended to get you started FAST without having to read through tons of material, follow complex recipes, or count a bunch of calories. I’m a busy mom, and I know what is like to be pressed for time. I realize that one of the biggest hurdles to weight loss is TIME! With less time, we tend to sometimes make poor choices with diet, and workout less. I’m here to help! I am not a nutritionist, nor do I claim to be. I am going to share with you my personal top 10 secrets to losing the weight and keeping it off. You can take this guide and get started today. However, After reading the guide below, If you’re interested in learning more, and need to know exactly what to eat to lose fat the natural way – without supplements, without drugs and without slowing down your metabolism – while also learning the why behind it all, this is one of the best books I’ve personally read that explains it all in a way that is easy to understand: by Tom Venuto. Exercise is the other 20% and will tone and define your body. For a great deal on my workouts (3 DVDs + a Free 30 day jump start Workout Schedule) go to           Lets get started! 1.Think of Weight loss as a side-effect of getting healthy! When I actually sat down and listed the top priorities in my life, here is what they were: My Family My Health My Career You can see that ‘weight loss’ isn’t a priority…but it is! It is actually a side effect of being healthy. If I’m not healthy then it doesn’t matter if I’m skinny or not. If you can mentally train yourself to put your health before weight loss, you will automatically find yourself making healthier choices and it won’t seem as big of a sacrifice. If you are just focused on weight loss, you are only focused on the negative aspects. “I can’t eat the brownie because it will make me gain weight, and I will feel guilty”. Then, you are really going to focus on that brownie. If you can switch your mind to say “What is better for me, an apple or a brownie? The apple will give me energy, supply me with added nutrients, it still will taste sweet AND I can get some extra fiber”. The choice might be a lot easier. You want to think of food as providing a purpose,...

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Best Workout DVDs that Burn Fat and Blast Calories!

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Lose Weight, Get Toned Arms & Legs, and Have Fun Doing It! I’m going to introduce you to some of the best home workout videos. The DVDs are from different instructors (yes, I’m promoting my competition!) Why? Because working out to the SAME instructor, regardless of how great they are, can cause you to hit a plateau. These instructors are some of my personal favorites, and deliver incredible results. In order to change our body, we need to challenge it. Below you will find some of the best exercise DVDs on the market that do just that! Best Exercise Videos for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Go to Beginner/Intermediate Workouts Go to Advanced/Intermediate Workouts Tips for Weight Loss You MUST do cardio and weights. If you are a cardio junkie, you will become a smaller version of yourself, but you will not get toned. You absolutely must do both. Alternate body parts. You don’t want to  over-work the same muscles two days in a row. You have to follow a healthy life-style eating plan with the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time eat clean and 20% or less you can cheat See the checklist below to see if these workouts are good for you If you currently enjoy DVDs from some of TVs favorite stars, you will love these workouts. These DVDs are created by certified fitness professionals. You are a big fan or super high intensity workouts, but have become bored with your current DVDs, then these will be a great change to your workout routine. You love interval and circuit training. You are any fitness level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) then these workouts will be a challenge (I will break them down into categories for you). You are ready to challenge your body and take it to the next level. Below is a list of some of my favorite workouts of all times, along with a description of why I love it. In addition, I’ll show you a sample workout routine that utilizes all the DVDs.  Beginner-Intermediate   **Note that the instructors listed below are in no way compensated for these reviews. These are videos that I love to do, and are some of my favorite instructors who I feel are the best in the industry. Advanced exercisers can also use the DVDs mentioned below. I have them as part of the beginner suggestion since the DVDs offer low intensity modifications, and contain exercises that I feel beginners can start with and increase their resistance as they become stronger. DVD Features:    Angie Gorr Type: Cardio and Weights Equipment needed: Light/Med weights and a mat (step optional)  3 different levels of intensity for every move(beginners use level 1) Low-impact modifications Short segments (each segment is 5-10 min long) or option of a long 60 min workout Menu allows you to select your own exercises Incredible Arm Exercises! Interval and Circuit Training...

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