Best Workout DVDs that Burn Fat and Blast Calories!

Best Workout DVDs that Burn Fat and Blast Calories!

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Lose Weight, Get Toned Arms & Legs, and Have Fun Doing It!

I’m going to introduce you to some of the best home workout videos. The DVDs are from different instructors (yes, I’m promoting my competition!) Why? Because working out to the SAME instructor, regardless of how great they are, can cause you to hit a plateau. These instructors are some of my personal favorites, and deliver incredible results. In order to change our body, we need to challenge it. Below you will find some of the best exercise DVDs on the market that do just that!

Best DVDS2

Some of my favorite workout DVDs from my favorite instructors

Best Exercise Videos for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced

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Tips for Weight Loss

  • You MUST do cardio and weights. If you are a cardio junkie, you will become a smaller version of yourself, but you will not get toned. You absolutely must do both.
  • Alternate body parts. You don’t want to  over-work the same muscles two days in a row.
  • You have to follow a healthy life-style eating plan with the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time eat clean and 20% or less you can cheat


See the checklist below to see if these workouts are good for you

  • If you currently enjoy DVDs from some of TVs favorite stars, you will love these workouts. These DVDs are created by certified fitness professionals.
  • You are a big fan or super high intensity workouts, but have become bored with your current DVDs, then these will be a great change to your workout routine.
  • You love interval and circuit training.
  • You are any fitness level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) then these workouts will be a challenge (I will break them down into categories for you).
  • You are ready to challenge your body and take it to the next level.

Below is a list of some of my favorite workouts of all times, along with a description of why I love it. In addition, I’ll show you a sample workout routine that utilizes all the DVDs. 




**Note that the instructors listed below are in no way compensated for these reviews. These are videos that I love to do, and are some of my favorite instructors who I feel are the best in the industry. Advanced exercisers can also use the DVDs mentioned below. I have them as part of the beginner suggestion since the DVDs offer low intensity modifications, and contain exercises that I feel beginners can start with and increase their resistance as they become stronger.

DVD Features:  
 Angie Gorrdvds-home

Type: Cardio and Weights

  • Equipment needed: Light/Med weights and a mat (step optional)
  •  3 different levels of intensity for every move(beginners use level 1)
  • Low-impact modifications
  • Short segments (each segment is 5-10 min long) or option of a long 60 min workout
  • Menu allows you to select your own exercises
  • Incredible Arm Exercises!
  • Interval and Circuit Training Options alternating cardio and Strength
  • Click her to purchase on my website
  • Click here to find on Amazon
 Jari LoveJari Get ripped and Chiseled

Type: Weights Only

  • Equipment needed: Light/Med weights and a mat (step optional)
  • High-Rep, low weight
  • Targets every major muscle group
  • Incredibly easy to follow, and Jari gives great pointers on form
  • Menu option to select specific muscle groups-prevents over-training
  • Modifications shown
  • Click here to go to  Jari’s website
  • Click here to find on Amazon
 Tracy Effinger
Tracy Squeeze

Type: Toning

  • Equipment needed: Light weights and a mat (medicine ball for abs)
  • Low Intensity, High Rep, Low Weight
  • Incredible toning for all muscle groups
  • Short segments, and various length workouts for those pressed for time
  • Some of the best leg and butt toning exercises ever seen!
  • Click here to find on Amazon
 Sylwia Wiesnberg
 Type: Cardio and Toning (mostly lower body & Abs)

  • Equipment needed: Light weights and a mat
  • Low Intensity, High Rep, Low Weight
  • Menu offers 3 options (drills/cardio, lunges, or squats)
  • High-rep variations of lower body exercises
  • Heart rate is elevated and provides a great calorie burn
  • Click here to find on Amazon (the cover has changed)




Any of the DVDs mentioned above can be intermediate or advanced as well as long as you increase the duration of the exercise segments and add heavier weights. Below are some of my favorite intermediate/advanced workouts.


DVD Features:  
 Angie GorrFrontCoverJpeg2

Type: Cardio and Weights

  • Equipment needed: light-med weights, exercises mat, and a workout step is optional for added intensity
  • Incredible Calorie Burn
  • 10 Calorie-blasting pre-mixes. Choose from 5 short workouts or 5 longer workouts ranging from 30-85 min.
  • Unique exercises and new twists on old move that target all of the muscle groups
  • Combines cardio, weights and body resistance by alternating between cardio bursts and high-rep strength training
  •  Choose from 42 min of lower body workouts, 22 min of upper body exercises or 11 min of ab exercises
  • Click her to purchase on my website
  • Click here to find on Amazon
 Amy DixonAmy Dixon

Type: Cardio Only (Tabata Style)

  • Equipment needed: nothing
  • High Intensity, Calorie Blasting Workout
  • 8 drills (each performed 8 times for 20 seconds with a 10 second break)
  • Easy to follow moves, and modifications shown at three different levels
  • Menu option to select each segment at a time
  • Click here to go to Amy’s Website
  • Click here to find on Amazon
 Zuka Light

Type: Cardio Only with Body Weight Resistance

  • Equipment needed: nothing
  • Extreme Intense workout-not for the faint of heart!
  • Short segments, each workout is about 10-15 min long Each video has 4-5 workouts
  • No-frills and no music. Pure hard-core body weight, ploy and circuit training cardio
  • Click here to find on Amazon
 Jari LoveJari love hard core 1000

Type: Cardio and Weights

  • Equipment needed: Light weights and a mat (step for added intensity)
  • High Intensity cardio followed by high-rep and light weight resistance training
  • Menu offers two-30 min workouts
  • Shows modifications
  • Heart rate is elevated and provides a great calorie burn
  • Click here to go to Jari’s website
  • Click here to find on Amazon
 Darby Brenderdreaj body

Type: Cardio and Toning (Fusion Pilates)

  • Equipment needed: Light weights and a mat
  • High rep toning while keeping heart rate elevated
  • Shows an incredible variety of exercises with some modifications
  • Darby really pushes you to work hard and achieve your goals
  • Very Advanced
  • Great for those who think yoga and Pilates are too slow, this will keep you on your toes!
  • Click here to go to the website
  • Click here to find on Amazon

Intermediate/Advanced Sample workout

  • Day 1: Ultimate Sweat and tone Lower body calorie torcher with Angie Gorr
  • Day 2: Breathless with Amy Dixon, entire DVD (Cardio)
  • Day 3: Extremely Ripped 1000 Hardcore with Jari love (interval cardio and weights total body workout)
  • Day 4: Rest
  • Day 5: Zuka Power Cardio DVD (choose 3 workouts which is 40 min of pure cardio and body weight resistance)
  • Day 6: Dream Body with Darby Brender (do as much as you can as this is tough- total body workout)
  • Day 7: Rest or do cardio

Future days, mix and match. Also use some DVDs from the beginner section and use a higher weight and higher level of intensity. For example my 50/50 cardio and weights and the Cardio and Strength Interval Circuit has a level 3 which is designed for more advanced exercisers.


most importantly …



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