How to Blast Fat and Lose Weight- 7 Steps to a Leaner You!

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What happens when you take the word ‘Try’ out of these sentences? Losing weight is a mental game. I’m going to share my top 7 best tips to losing weight. When you read the steps below, and you start to perform these steps, keep this idea in mind. If you say you are going to ‘try’ to do something, you give yourself some wiggle room, and most likely will fail.  If you have a plane to catch for a business trip and need to be up at 5:30 AM, you would set your alarm and get up at that time becuase if you don’t, you will miss your flight. You would say “I’m going to get up at 5:30 AM”. If you want to get up to workout at 5:30 AM, you might say “I’m going to try to get up at 5:30 AM” and then 5:30 comes around…what do you do? You hit SNOOZE because you set yourself up for failure. Instead, say “I’m going to get up at 5:30 AM” and you will be MUCH more likely to actually do it! Are you Skinny Fat? A lot of people can lose weight, but they just become skinner versions of themselves. Here are some secrets on how to shed fat while keeping the muscle. You do NOT have to do my workouts to lose the fat. I will guide you through some ideas/examples of a workout and diet plan. I am offering a GREAT deal on my workouts, but you can incorporate any workout of your choice. Some people LOVE workout DVDs, others love to go to the gym instead, and need a ‘buddy’. Choose the exercise plan that you will stick to, and get a buddy to come workout with you to a DVD, or go to the gym with you. The goal is to get moving in 2014 and I’m here to help you do it! The Workouts: I am going to give you a 30 day workout plan to get you jump started into  shredding  that fat!  I have my 3-Disc set on sale right now for only $26.99 which is savings of $20.00 from purchasing all DVDs separately. As I mentioned, you can still follow this plan without the workouts. (I didn’t say without working out, I just said you can still lose weight if you opt to not include my workouts, and do some other form of a workout). Michelle, who is in my latest DVD Ultimate Sweat and Tone lost over 70 lbs doing my first two videos. If you are using your own workouts, I want you to make sure you are performing both cardio and weights. If you are a cardio person, you really need to start using those weights,  and do less cardio and more weights. If you only do weights, you need to step it up and incorporate...

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We all create a New Year’s resolution, but are we doing it right? Usually the top New Year’s resolution is to lose weight. A New Year’s resolution is just a goal, but most goals go un-attained year after year. Why? Because people state what results they want, not HOW they are going to achieve them. Not everyone actually knows the root cause of why their goals can’t be achieved. I’m going to help you along. Follow this template to dig a little deeper into your life and make your New Year’s resolution become a reality. I will walk you through an example of what I wrote for myself this year. I am stressed  out! Right now I am working 55-60 hours a week at my day job, I am a mother of a 2 year old, and a wife. I also own my own workout video business. My plate is full! I am constantly trying to catch my breath, and realized that I’m juggling too much…but I don’t want to give anything up! What do I do? Here is what I need to do: Prioritize: Write down the three most important things in my life Define Main issue: Write what I’m not happy with in all categories (they are all related in the end) Describe my feelings: Define what would make me happier Ah-ha moment: Realizing thing(s) that are causing the issues Action Items: Write out some ideas for how I would achieve those goals Write out my Goal and the results from that Goal 1. Prioritize (the three most important things in my life) My Son My Husband My Health 2.     Define Main Issue: I feel like I have too much on my plate with my career and housework that I don’t get to spend enough time with my 2 year old son. I find myself getting lost in my work, and losing track of time. My husband doesn’t get home until 8 PM, and I struggle with finding time to spend with him, and also fitting in my workouts. I find myself eating less healthy dinners because I don’t have any time. I have to choose between working out and spending time with my husband. After work, and a 1.5 hour commute home, I am extremely exhausted. 3.     Describe my feelings: Nothing is more important to me than my 2 year old son. He is going to grow up so quickly. If my work and house were taken away from me, it would be hard, but if someone took my son away I would be devastated.   Therefore, I need to re-prioritize. My marriage is important too. I feel as though we are both so tired after work that all we have the energy to do is watch TV. I hardly have the energy to talk. 4.     Ah-ha Moment (Realizing what is causing the issues) I realize that...

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Pear or Apple Shape weight loss

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Difference between Pear and Apple: There are various different body types. Most Women are Pears (more weight on lower body) and the next most common is the Apple shape (most of the weight in the middle section). Apples have more unhealthy fat surrounding their organs, but the good news is that they can lose the weight more easily. Pears don’t have as much risk healt-wise with the fat they carry, but the Pear has a harder time losing the fat. The middle fat is a different type of fat that breaks down differently than the butt/thigh fat. I was a Pear and learned how to balance my body. Genetics can be to blame for where you carry your weight, but you can even it out. Unfortunately the place you want to lose it first is the last place to go, so you actually notice your good areas getting thinner before the bad ones. You can’t lose weight in only certain spots, you need to focus on your entire body. Doing abs exercises will not get rid of weight in the middle and doing lunges will not get rid of the weight just on the thighs. Pear Diet & Exercise: Pears should eat more complex carbs (simple rule to follow is if a food is high carb and low in sugar, it is a good carb, and if it is high in Sugar it is a bad carb). However, be careful of pasta, these can be empty calories. You want to consume things like Lentils, Beans, Quinoa (carbs that have protein and fiber). You should have some fruits, but try to have twice as many veggies as fruits and try to consume the fruit before or after exercise. A Pear should try to limit the amount of fats because it is easy to store, but harder to burn off. However, I strongly believe that you need some fat (but Pears should do low fat approx 20% of calories from fat), and should come from healthy sources such as olive oil, fish, nuts and avocados. Pears need Cardio and Strength. Take it from me, I was VERY Pear shaped and now have normalized out. All three of my workout DVDs have cardio and strength and I went from a 26 inch thigh to a 19 inch thigh by incorporating both. I got my V02 Max tested (which measures how your body utilizes oxygen). Even with all the working out I was doing, I was in the bottom 10% of my age group. Now I am in the top 60% which is a HUGE improvement. I did this mainly through diet and Cardio/Strength training. Interval Training is great for Pears. Pears should do a little more weight training then Cardio, but still need both. PEARS, you CAN balance your body! Apple Diet and Exercise: Apples you should eat a diet higher in...

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Flood Damage DVD Sale!

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Sadly, some videos got damaged in a flood. The DVDs are brand new and the disc is not damaged, but the case artwork got a little warped. Get either DVD for $6.99 + Free Shipping. Each DVD will be tested before shipping, and you will receive a full refund if there are any problems. Get them now while supplies last! Visit the DVDs page to select your DVD and in the Coupon on the Checkout page, use promo code Flood50 for the 50/50 Cardio & Weights DVD, and code FloodCir for the Cardio & Interval Circuit...

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