Cardio & Strength Interval Circuit DVD

Cardio & Strength Interval Circuit DVD

Interval and Circuit Training

Cardio-StrengthInterval_DVDInterval Training is a proven method to BURNING A TON of CALORIES while SHREDDING FAT. This calorie blasting workout is comprised of 3 (20 min) circuit training intervals, that allow you to focus on cardio, weight-training and abs. Each circuit training combination contains fun, easy-to-follow, unique moves that will build your cardio endurance, strengthen/tone every major muscle group, and sculpt your abs!

What is Interval Training?

Interval training means alternating between high intensity and low intensity/recovery periods, allowing your heart rate to increase and decrease throughout the workout. In this workout Angie uses a method of High Rep Interval Training (HRIT) where the cardio section brings the heart rate up high, and the weight section keeps the heart rate elevated by performing high repetition (low weight) weight training exercises. These are combo moves, meaning you are performing upper and lower body at the same time. It is then followed by 2 min of abs, which is considered active recovery. It is called ‘active’ since you are still performing exercises, but it gives the heart rate a chance to lower. The circuits are each done twice, and then you move on to a new circuit. Each cardio section is done for 3 min, weights are done for 3 min, and abs (active recovery) is done for 2 min.   The weight-training portion varies for each circuit so that you target every major muscle group and work your full body.

Price: $14.99

Some benefits of interval training may include:

  • Boosted metabolism resulting in more effective fat burning
  • Increased cardiovascular efficiency
  • Improves overall fitness levels (strength and endurance)
  • Helps build a stronger immune system
  • Decreased risk of high blood pressure

As part of the Custom 3 Fit series, this workout is entirely customizable to suit your current fitness level and time constraints.

Beginner: Level 1 consists of low impact moves, but will still get your heart pumping!
Intermediate: Higher impact moves for the intermediate exerciser
Advanced: A challenge for even the most avid athlete, includes plyometric moves and heavier weights

The DVD is broken up into 3 separate total body circuits so you can do as many circuits as you have time for, and still get in a challenging full body workout! Included submenus allow you to choose between each cardio and weight section. You can perform all cardio, or all weights, or alternate between your favorites. Bonus: A countdown timer is located at the bottom of each exercise to help push you through those tough spots. Knowing how much time you have left can help you hang in just a little longer!

Equipment Needed:

  • Exercise Mat & Light Weights (2-8 lbs)
  • **Optional: Advanced users can further challenge themselves by also using a workout step

For those with injuries:

If you have any back or knee injuries, this video includes a separate Safety Section to help ensure you are doing the exercises using proper form. Level 1 is low-impact, meaning it is softer on the joints. Always consult with your doctor or physician before starting any exercise program. Although there are multiple levels and modifications throughout each section, not all exercises or modifications may be suited for everyone.


Price: $14.99