50/50 Cardio & Weights DVD


Total Body Workout!

This workout DVD contains 30 min of cardio and 30 min of strength training. Each exercise segment is 5 to 6 min long. The DVD menu allows you to customize your workout by being able to choose each segment individually or playing the entire workout all at once. Angie is known for her unique arm exercises such as squat punches and tricep combinations. This DVD will blast calories and burn fat, leaving you with toned arms, abs and legs.

Checkout what people are saying about Angie Gorr’s 50/50 Cardio and Weight Workout DVD!

I work a lot of hours, and have trouble getting to the gym as often as I’d like. This video has been a lifesaver because when i work late, i can still squeeze in a great workout at home regardless of how much time i have to workout.”

I really like how you can pick a level to work out at… I had even broken my toe and could easily choose which workouts to do to avoid re-injury. Then, after I was healed, I could do the entire workout but needed to work back up to “level 3,” so loved that I could tone it down to level 1 or 2

I am a Physical Therapist and Fitness Instructor myself and this is my FAVORITE DVD by far! I love how Angie gives 3 levels of intensity (including a great alternative for low impact cardio which is a godsend to postpartum women or any woman with pelvic floor issues that still allows them to get their heart rate up safely)”

The program includes 30 minutes of cardio and 30 minutes of weights. Each cardio and weight section is further broken up into smaller 5-6 min sub-sections so you can easily focus on specific target areas when you’re pressed for time. The menu allows you to alternate between cardio and weights by selecting each exercise at a time.

Want great arms?

Although this is a great total body workout, it has some of the best arm exercises on the market today. Some of the moves included high-rep jab punches while doing a semi-deep squat, incredible unique tricep lifts which also engage the lats, chest and total upper body weight presses and more!

Price: $14.99


  • Level 1 will show joint-friendly and low-impact moves
  • Can work out at your own pace, while still getting that heart-rate up!
  • 2-second transition screens between each exercise are a great place to take breaks if you need them!
  • Exercises avoid twisting motions, to further lower the risk of injury


  • Level 3 is extremely intense!
  • Look forward to Frog-Jumps, Jumping-Squats, High-Kicks, and more!
  • Burn maximum calories by working both upper and lower body at once!
  • Increase difficulty by increasing speed, range of motion, and using heavier weights!

There are 3 different levels of intensity for every move. You no longer have to navigate DVD menus to a different section in order to move up or down a level. If you start getting fatigued, simply start following Level 1 or Level 2, and if you need to take that intensity up a notch, just turn your attention to Level 3! Level 1 is geared toward the typical beginner and Level 3 for the very advanced. We’ve included an on-screen count-down timer for each section to help you complete each and reach your goals. Challenge yourself and you will see results!

Equipment Needed:

  • A standard workout/yoga mat
  • Some light weights (2lb, 3lb, 5lb, & 8lb)

For those with injuries:
If you have any back or knee injuries, this video includes a separate Safety Section to help ensure you are doing the exercises using proper form. Level 1 is low-impact, meaning it is softer on the joints. Always consult with your doctor or physician before starting any exercise program. Although there are multiple levels and modifications throughout each section, not all exercises or modifications may be suited for everyone.


Price: $14.99