Ultimate Sweat & Tone Workout DVD

Interval Training Workout with Maximum Calorie Burn!

This workout will get RESULTS! This DVD is one of the most complete total body home exercises DVDs on the market today. This video offers 10 calorie blasting pre-mixes. Each premix varies in duration from 30,40,50,60 and 85 minutes workouts. These workouts are designed to target varying body parts on different days, or target your entire body in one workout. Angie uses a combination of cardio, weights and body resistance to help you get Tighter, Toner and Leaner. Angie puts a spin on old moves, which makes the time fly by. Price: $16.99

Checkout What People are Saying about the Ultimate Sweat and Tone Exercise Video!

“I am an avid fitness DVD consumer and this is by far one of the best that I have tried!”UltimateSweat&Tone_DVD

“When I did the whole video, my fitness watch said I burned almost 1000 calories!!”

“I really enjoy that you can customize the workout to easily choose what you want to work on or focus on that day and that it is not just the same workout each time.”

“Angie adds unique twists to them,such as a faster paced deadlift with an isometric hold, or the plie segment where you “climb the rope” and “slide back down” as well as pulse plies. The first leg segment will fatigue your legs immediately, with non weighted movements on the step.”

I look forward to trying Angie’s two other workouts and I have already incorporated “Ultimate Sweat and Tone” into my weekly workout rotation. Coincidentally (or not!) I have lost several inches and noticed some amazing shoulder and bicep definition particularly since starting this workout.”

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Price: $16.99

Watch a Preview of Angie’s  DVD!



Check out the clip above for a sample of the types of exercises this DVD offers.


This DVD has so many pre-mixes that it is a great fit for all fitness levels. Below list some of the pre-mix options:

Lower Body Workout

This workout will work every angle of your thighs, butt and calves, and you will burn a TON of calories. Start off with leg taps and knee raises on the bench to acheive a cardio and toning workout in one, followed by unique lower body glute and thigh work while still elevating the heart rate. Your butt will be lifted and firmer after doing this amazing lower body workout!

Interval Workouts

Quick Fix 1 and 2 are pre-mixes that alternate cardio with high-reps using Angie’s HRIT system. HRIT stands for High Rep Interval Training. Interval training is known for burning a ton of calories and fat loss. By doing the cardio/toning sections at a high heart rate, this is the peak of the interval. Angie then takes it down a notch to perform high repetition weight training during the active recovery period. This allows your body to rest, while still keeping the heart rate elevated and toning at the same time.

Cardio/Ab Workouts

Don’t have time for a long workout? This DVD contains 15 min of cardio followed by 15 min of abs, to get you toned and tightened in less than 30 min!

Upper Body Workouts

Alternating cardio and weights will keep the heart rate elevated. This DVD contains some of the best upper body moves to workout your triceps, biceps, back and shoulders.


The menu  allows you to choose from short or long workouts depending on how much time you have. Each pre-mix also allows you to skip the warmup if you wanted to do your own warmup, go for a run or walk, and then come inside and get right to the workout. There is a count-down timer to help you make it through those last tough reps.

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Equipment needed:

  • Light to Medium weights,
  • Exercise Mat
  • Step (optional for added intensity)

This DVD offers 42 minutes of intense lower body work, 22 minutes of muscle-defining upper body exercises, and 11 minutes of incredible ab toning. Get ready to SHRED fat. Using this DVD 3 times a week, most people should notice results within 30 days. Not all people will achieve the same results. If for any reason you are unsatisfied with your purchase, Custom3Fit will give you a full refund.

Price: $16.99

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