Real Life Fitness is an AMAZING New Gym in Naperville

Real Life Fitness is an AMAZING New Gym in Naperville

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people working out to a total body fitness classRLF recently opened in Naperville IL, and it packed a kick-butt workout into a short amount of time

I typically exercise at home with workout DVDs and  don’t get to a physical gym often, but once in a while it is great to get out and try new classes. I am so glad I tried Real Life fitness! The space was intimate, and the music was pumping. The class I took consisted of doing exercises for a set time, and then switching to a different station once your time was up. The workout worked every major muscle group on the entire body, while blasting calories and sculpting at the same time. In-between we performed cardio drills to take it up to yet another level. The workout was challenging enough for the most advanced exerciser, yet accommodating enough for a beginner. I am typically an advanced exerciser, but am recovering from having a baby. With that, there are certain exercises I was unable to perform and I did a modification, while still moving along with the class and pushing myself to my limit.

Many times when I talk to clients, they have a fear of group fitness classes or gyms because they feel that people are judging them, or they are insecure and feel they need to be in better shape before going to the gym (similar to the concept of cleaning your house before the cleaning person comes). RLF is a workout for real people of all ages and fitness levels, that is the best thing about it! There were about 30 people in the class: Male and female, big and small, strong and weak. Everyone encouraged each other, and the instructors really motivated you without making you feel like a failure. They ensured that you were challenged, but did not push you beyond the level that you could perform. They were encouraging and motivating without being intimidating.

RLF thought of every tiny detail. In addition to towel service, they offered hair ties (I can recall many times where I forgot mine!).  Their statement on their website is ‘Get In, Get Fit, Get Life’. I love this concept because they realize how busy everyone is, and how hard it is to fit in a workout. The workouts are optimized to work the entire body, burn calories and sculpt at the same time. The workouts are different each time. Each class has a different challenge, which is constantly challenging your body so rlf-longyou don’t hit plateaus. They also offer Yoga classes, which I haven’t tried yet. They had every piece of equipment imaginable, including free weights, TRX, medicine balls, jump ropes, steps, weighted bars, and more. The thing I loved most was the variety.

They are located by on Ogden Ave. at Columbia, right next to Peets Coffee.. in Naperville at 630 East Ogden Avenue.

Visit the site or call to get the first week Free:



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