MICHELLE: Lost 73 lbs

“I like the way these videos toned my arms. After I first lost the weight, I felt like my arms were shaking a lot longer when I waved goodbye.”

Michelle lost weight over a period of one year. She did my first two videos (50/50 Cardio & Weights and Cardio & Strength Interval Circuit) 3 to 4 times a week, and ran twice a week. In addition, Michelle watched what she ate and adjusted her eating habits. You can see her newly-toned arms in my latest DVD Ultimate Sweat & Tone!


Mary- A Full Time Working Mom



This review is from: Ultimate Sweat and Tone with Angie Gorr (DVD)
To provide some background before I give my review, I am:

1) A 33 year old mom of two children
2) An advanced exerciser who has been exercising with fitness DVDs since 2003
3) A fitness DVD enthusiast. My collection includes 200 or so fitness dvds including Cathe, the Firm, Amy Bento, Tracey Staehle, Ballet Body, Pure Barre, Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels
4) A fan of simple, athletic cardio paired with strength training
5) An exerciser who gets bored doing the same thing every day. I need variety!

I recently had the opportunity to review Angie Gorr’s “Ultimate Sweat and Tone.” Before I received it, I was able to email Angie for further details about the workout, as she was a completely new instructor to me. Angie told me her cardio style is straightforward and athletic and she has been compared in that respect to Jari Love.

When I received the DVD, I decided to pop it in the next day, without previewing it, and I completed the entire 85 minute workout from start to finish. Yes, I did! But, you don’t have to! “Ultimate Sweat and Tone” offers numerous ways that you can do the workout, whether it be a shorter premix, a longer premix, the entire DVD – whatever you want to do, it is up to you. Prior to writing this review, I have done the entire workout three times, plus the first 50 minutes of the workout as well as a 62 minute lower body premix that incorporated cardio and lower body.

First of all, what you need! You need weights and a mat. A step bench is optional. The strength moves are innovative and endurance based so trust me when I say you will use much lighter weights that you typically do. For example, I use 20 lb. dumbbells to do bicep curls or overhead shoulder press when I am doing 6-10 reps per set. In Angie’s workout, my weights are 3 lbs and 5 lbs. No, that is not a typo! The strength moves are endurance based, which means you do a lot of them. Think 3-6 minutes of a specific body part, such as shoulders, triceps, or biceps. The step bench, as Angie states, is mainly used for cardio drills and strength work. You can easily follow Angie’s modifier who does the workout without using a bench. But, just because she is modifying without a bench doesn’t mean she is doing an easy version, by any means. Just try and do 5-6 minutes of endurance strength work with 8 lb dumbbells as she does!

You are going to want to eat your Wheaties (ok, drink your protein shake!) before doing this workout. It is what I would consider advanced, however, do not let that scare you away. You can easily start where you start, by doing a premix that is appropriate for your fitness level and modifying when you need to. I am an advanced exerciser and I modify a couple of the moves to better suit my fitness level and ability.

The workout really does work your entire body with strength training. Each body part is very thoroughly worked, but I will state that the lower body, which is a problem area for many, has the strongest emphasis. There are many traditional exercises in this workout that you have seen and done before, such as a plie, squat, lunge or deadlift. However, Angie adds unique twists to them, such as a faster paced deadlift with an isometric hold, or the plie segment where you “climb the rope” and “slide back down” as well as pulse plies. The first leg segment will fatigue your legs immediately, with non weighted movements on the step. (They reminded me of the blasts in Cathe’s “Low Max” dvd).

Cardio is incorporated throughout the workout and includes butt kicks, high knees, jump ropes, running up and down off the step, mogul jumps and jumping curtsy lunges.

Upper body work also includes innovative moves. The pacing and sequence of certain exercises, such as the tricep track, will have your arms burning and screaming at you! I never expected holding a 5 lb. dumbbell in a tricep hold with pulses would burn as much as it did!

There are several ab sections throughout the workout which include traditional and pilates based moves. The planks with your feet on the step and knee pulses were exceptionally brutal.

Angie is upbeat, encouraging and motivational. She seemed really real and down to earth to me and I appreciated her instructional style and emphasis on modifying if needed. She even modified a few of the exercises.

The only suggestions I have are better music (the music was techno style and not really memorable) and to incorporate a stretch segment after each weights track.

This is a really fun workout and so versatile. I look forward to trying Angie’s two other workouts and I have already incorporated “Ultimate Sweat and Tone” into my weekly workout rotation. Coincidentally (or not!) I have lost several inches and noticed some amazing shoulder and bicep definition particularly since starting this workout.

Carol B.

(Delafield, WI)

Angie’s exercise video receives 4 stars from me. She cues very well which makes the exercises easy to follow. She explains the exercises clearly and quickly, and offers safety tips and form techniques. She keeps the workout moving smoothly and seems to know just when to encourage you to hang in for a few more reps. Seeing a clock on the screen also motivates you.

There are several very good features on the video. The menu is great and allows you to do aerobic or weight training. There are 3 women doing different levels of intensity of the exercise. They remain on the screen the whole time which allows you to always be able to see your level. I especially like the arm exercises and saw fast results. I used the video a month before my son’s wedding and every one told me I looked thin. I didn’t really lose that much weight but felt very toned and energetic. I could even go sleeveless at age 55.

Jennifer S.

(Lavista, NE)

This exercise video is amazing! The first time I did it, I loved the three different levels that are shown. If I felt like it was too much for me, I took it down a level and visa versa. I love that I can push myself in my own basement and with little equipment. Angie does a nice job of keeping you energized and excited for the next move. I really like the timer at the bottom of the screen. It keeps me motivated. I highly recommend this video for busy people who want to get and stay fit.

Melissa P.

(Omaha, NE)

I am a working mom, and time to exercise is at a premium. This video is divided into several segments, so you can do as much or as little as you want…this is a great feature for me. The other night I popped it in while my husband gave our child a bath. Before I knew it, my short workout with the level 3 exercises had me huffing and puffing like I had worked out for 45 minutes! We all know that “something” is better than “nothing” and these shorter segments help you do shorter workouts without feeling like a failure for not doing the entire video.

You can customize your workout with as much cardio and/or weight training as you want…not only that, you can customize what level you are working at. This video is truly a one size fits all that you will never outgrow. It will work for everyone from brand new moms trying to get back into working out to a fitness buff that works out every day. Angie is very motivating, and I would recommend this workout to anyone I know. I would love to see more workouts from Angie Gorr!

 Melissa B.

(Austin, TX)

I am a new mom of an 8 week old, and finding the time to workout is difficult. But not fitting into my pre-pregnancy jeans is also difficult! haha!

This video is just what I need.

The video shows the 3 different levels of intensity. Since I am just starting to workout again, level 1 is working well for me. But I also do level 2 on certain portions of the video. It is nice to have all 3 on the same screen. And in having this DVD, I will also be able to move on to level 2 and 3 over the next few months.

It is awesome!!! Definitely a must for the new moms, and anyone else wanting a great workout!

 Mary D.

(Carol Stream, IL)

I tried this yesterday for the first time. It has 3 levels which are presented all together in 1 view you decide which one you want to follow, I started at 1 since I tore my calf a while back and am taking it slow. You can go at your own pace and there are safety tips and a warm-up and cool down section which helps too. You can then workout certain areas of your body depending on how much time you have or what you’re willing to do that day or you can do different reps on different days.

This is exactly what I was looking for!